100% HDRF Claimable Professional Programme for Digital Entrepreneurship Skill Development

100% HRDF Claimable

Digital Entrepreneurship

Training Programme No: 10001287045


1st June 2023*

Registration date:-

3rd May - 1st June 2023

Programme DURATION

36 hours Online Coaching

(3-4 hours/ week) +

54 hours Hands-On Training

(3 F2F Workshops)

* Flexible Time Table


All Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs

Programme Fees

RM900.00 RM810.00*

Early Bird Registration is 10% Discount
On or before 20th May, 2023*


Entrepreneurship is the powerful economic force. Technology is changing the means, process and proceeds of entrepreneurship. Digital startups across the globe with Less Capital are harnessing the enabling power of emerging disruptive digital technological innovation tools and becoming Digital Entrepreneurs.

Digital Entrepreneurship Training Programme Gives Wings to Your Imaginations and Means to Transform Your Aspiration into Reality. Be the Future Ready Digital Entrepreneurship Professional. Learn to Leverage the Power of Emerging Disruptive Digital Innovation Tools to Build Your Own Enterprise. Master the Art of Spotting Opportunity, Craft of Generating SMART Business Plan and Skill of Pitching for Funds.


The total value of the global tech industry stands at around $5.3 trillion (Statista, 2022). And, 2 in 5 Americans plan to start a business in 2023. The Economic downturn has not diminished the spirit of digital startup, but revitalizing to expand in 2023 (Majumdar. S.K. & Ghosh. A, 2023).

There are Many Opportunities to Grab, Spot the Opportunity, Craft a SMART Business Plan and Be a Successful Digital Entrepreneur.

Why Digital Entrepreneurship?

Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship is the first of its kind Programme to be launched at Lincoln University, Malaysia. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this course:

As per Global Innovation Index 2022, Malaysia ranked 36th, and it has 4800 startups and only one unicorn as of date. And, India ranked 40th, yet it has 27000 startups and 85 unicorns and India continues to be the third largest tech startup infrastructure globally (after the US and China).

Through This program the aspiring digital entrepreneurs will be able to sharpen their skill of designing befitting SMART Business Plan and participate various Pitch Contest for Financing their ‘Dream Ventures’.

Digital Entrepreneurial skills are the most sought after skill to remain globally employable.

Malaysia has the required digital infrastructure, but lacking facilities for fostering and upgrading their knowledge and skills of digital entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways:

Who Should Attend?

  • All Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs.
  • Startups Who wish to Sharpen their Knowledge and Skills of 21st Century Entrepreneurship.
  • Individuals wish to Work for the Rising Digital Enterprises.

Programme Pillars

Professional Diploma Certificate

Get Professional Diploma Certificate of Lincoln University College.

Experiential Learning

Leverage Distinctive Pedagogy of Blended (Online Advanced Seminars) about Concepts + Workshop (F2F- Learning by Doing) - Hands on Sessions, Take Home Assignments and Exercises.

Top Faculty

Learn from Experienced Faculty and Leaders in Digital Entrepreneurship Practice

Programme Modules

Feedbacks, Certificate Distribution Photography & Networking


Prof. Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar

Prof. Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar

B. Tech, PGDM (IIM-B), M.Sc (London School of Economics), M.Phil (Imperial College, London), PhD (IIT-D)
Professor of Digital Entrepreneurship and Operations Management
Faculty of Business, Lincoln University College,

Prof Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar, is an avid learner, critical thinker and a passionate teacher of Digital Entrepreneurship and Service Operations Management with track record of success in teaching, consulting, research and academic administration of world class organizations.

He did Ph.D. in eBusiness Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi; M.Phil in Management of Software Engineering Projects, Imperial College of Science Technology, London, UK; M.Sc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, from the London School of Economics, UK; MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B); and B Tech (1st Class) in Bio-Chemical Engineering, from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Professor Majumdar is a Professor of Lincoln University College, Malaysia. He has 41+ years of experience in teaching, research and academic administration. He has been a Professor of Presidency University, Bangalore, a Professor, Director and Dean of Research of JK Lakshmipat University – Jaipur, a Professor and Chairman Management Development Programme (MDP) at Indian Institute of Management Shillong, a Professor and Chair of Operations Management and Information Systems at American Styled Universities like Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) – Almaty, Kazakhstan and Al Akhawayn University – Ifrane (AUI), Morocco. He has published several papers, articles, book chapters and case studies in national and international journals.

His research interests are Prospects, Perils and Challenges of Digital Entrepreneurship, Education and Employability; Impact of Emerging Digital Technological Tools on the Landscape of Digital Entrepreneurship.


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